Wednesday, December 22, 2010

OOB Webparts in SP 2010

Here is a list of the out of the box Web Parts in SharePoint 2010. IT is important to note the UI changes that have taken place. Web parts can be inserted onto a page by selecting the Add Web Part under a zone or under the Insert tab when editing a page.

Description: SharePoint out of the box Web Part administration

Here is a list of Web Parts that are out of the Box I have listed the new or enhanced SharePoint 2010 Web Parts in Bold font with descriptions

Lists and Libraries - These are similar to the same Web Parts offered in MOSS 2007.

- Announcements

- Calendar
- Contacts
- Links
- Shared Documents
- Sites Assets - Use this library to store files which are included on page within the site such as images on Wiki pages
- Tasks
- Team Discussions

Business Data

- Business Data Actions
- Business Data Connectivity Filter
- Business Data Item
- Business Data Item Builder
- Business Data List
- Business Data Related List
- Indicator Details
-Status List

Content Rollup

- Content Query
- HTML Form Web Part
- Picture Library Slideshow Web Part
- RSS Viewer
- Web Analytics Web Part - Displays the most viewed content, most popular search queries, or most popular clicked search results as reported by Web Analytics fo rthe site or site collection
- XML Viewer


- Document Set Contents - Displays the contents of the Document Set
- Document Set Properties - Displays the properties of the Document Set
- Enter a Document ID - Finds a document by its Document ID
- Relevant Documents - Displays documents that are relevant to the current user


- Choice Filter
- Current User Filter
- Date Filter
- Filter Actions
- Page Field Filter
- Query String (URL) Filter
- SharePoint List Filter
- SQL Server Analysis Services Filter
- Text Filter

Media and Content

- Content Editor
- Image Viewer
- Media Web Part - Use to embed media clips (video and audio) in web page
Page Viewer
- Silverlight Web Part - A Web Part to display a Silverlight application

My Information

- My Calendar
- My Contacts
- My Inbox
- My Mail Folder
- My Tasks


- Categories
- Site Aggregator
- Sites in Category
- Summary Links
- Table of Contents
- Tag Cloud - Displays the most popular subjects being tagged inside your organization

Office Client Applications

- Excel Web Access
- InfoPath Form Web Part - Use this Web Part to display an InfoPath browser-enabled form
- Visio Web Access - Enables viewing and refreshing of published Visio Diagrams
WSRP Viewer


- Contact Detail
- Note Board - Enables users to leave short, publicly-viewable notes about a page
- Organization Browser - Displays each person in the reporting chain in the interactive view optimized for browsing organization charts
- Site Users
- User Tasks

Performance Point

- PerformancePoint Filter
- PerformancePoint Report
- PerformancePoint Scorecard
- PerformancePoint Stack Selector


- Advanced Search Box
- Dual Chinese Search - Used to search Dual Chinese document and items at the same time
- Federated Results
- People Refinements Panel - This web part helps the users to refine people search results
- People Search Box
- People Search Core Results
- Refinement Panel - used to refine results
- Related Queries
- Search Action LInks
- Search Best Bets
- Search Box
- Search Core Results
- Search Paging
- Search Statistics
- Search Summary
- Search Visual Best Bet - displays visual best bets
- Search Federated Results


- Chart Web Part - Helps you visualize you data on SharePoint Sites and portals

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