Saturday, April 21, 2012

Issues occuring while synching the MPP file with sharepoint tasklist

We can synch up the Microsoft project plan with SP task list and once it’s in share point we can implement or build our own controls tools on the data which is available in task list.
To get more idea how to synch the mpp file with task/project list please visit here
The synch up has some limitations that must be known before doing any synch up. Some of them are as follows.
SharePoint can only synchronize resources that exist within its environment
When same item has been modified both in SharePoint and Microsoft Project. In this example the %complete has been modified in both sides with different values. The synchronization process pops up the conflict resolution windows to help you resolving this issue.
Only works with SharePoint Foundation or SharePoint Server 2010
Only works with Project Professional
only works when Project Professional is not connected to Project Server
Synchronized tasks become Manually Scheduled tasks (cannot keep Auto Scheduled

Few days back I was working with Microsoft Project professional and share-point task list. We have to synch up the MPP file with share-point task list. It got synched for first time but next time when we downloaded it locally and tried to synch it started giving some unexpected error messages.
Some of them are like..
Unable to Synch the file because the two or more summary task name have the same name. 
We checked the file for duplicate summary name and we tried it once more by removing the duplicate names then it got synched up but this is not happening on regular basis. After removing the duplicate summary name  some times it synch up some times not and sometimes it synch also the duplicate summary name.
Another error I got was... 
Unknown error has occurred unable to synch up with share point list Check your share point site is running.
This is really something annoying to me. Because the site is ON/Live, and I was able to browse and down load from it properly.  :)

To resolve all above issues I did some goggling and found some solutions around it. But none of them are 100% solving my problem.
Some people says
Links can only be Finish to Start;
External dependencies are prohibited;
Custom fields are problematic i.e. sometimes will sync, then subsequent runs will fail.
Is any body  SME in this...?

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Anonymous said...

SharePoint can only synchronize resources that exist within its environment. In this example the user named “Test User 1” is assigned to a task in Microsoft Project but as it does not exist in SharePoint the synchronization cannot be done. The resource assigned to this task is removed in SharePoint.

Aleksei Dovzhyk