Thursday, September 19, 2013

CRUD operations using Share Point 2013 REST API's

Share Point 2013 REST (Representational State Transfer)API can be used to communicate with share point remotely. Its similar like what we learned in CSOM (Client Side Object Modal) share point 2010

To access share point list library data you need to implement REST FUL requests using OData (Open Data Protocol)  standard. Share Point 2013 provides some commands to be used with REST services for performing CRUD operations.

Read a resource
Read data from share point
Create or update a resource
Write data to share point
Update or insert a resource
Use PUT and MERGE operations to update existing SharePoint objects.
Delete a resource
Use the HTTP DELETE command against the specific endpoint URL to delete the SharePoint object represented by that endpoint.
CRUD operation done on list using the REST

Use below JS reference to for REST API 

Hope this will help in enhancing your share point knowledge..!

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