Monday, June 11, 2012

Share point 2010 SPD workflow types

Workflows are one of the very important features available in SharePoint. Developers can complete lot of backend actions using workflows. There is lot of improvements done in the workflow actions as compared to MOSS 2007.In Sharepoint 2010 SPD workflows can be implemented with three types.
1. List workflow
2. Reusable workflow
3. Site workflow
It’s very important to know the difference among these three types to understand its exact usability in the application.
We can create any of these three types workflow using SPD 2010. SPD provides this facility through the ribbon. Get some information to each of these WFS as below.
1.       List workflow- This type of workflow are associated with only particular List. It  cannot be published globally. It cannot be saved as template as well as cannot be associated with any content type.This workflow starts on item created and updated. It can also be started manually but it requires the list permission. It has three start options.

2.       Reusable Workflow- This category workflow is associated to content type and we can add the content type to n-number of list and library’s, so as we add the content type with any list and library the workflow comes with that content type. We can attach and detach it from its settings. This type of the workflow can be published globally. It can be saved as template. It has three start options. All three options are enabled by default and we can disable it by checking any of the start option from it. The start options are disable the manual start option second is disable on item created and third is . When you create a Reusable workflow in SharePoint Designer 2010, it’s by default reusable within the site it has been created in, which means that it can be attached to any list within this site. But what if you want your workflow to be reusable in the whole site collection we must need to declare it “Globally Reusable” To convert the reusable workflow in to globally reusable workflow click on Sharepoint ribbon Convert Globally button. It prompt you for informing that after  converting it to globally  it will be available in whole site collection and after clicking on ok this workflow is now available to whole site collection

   3.   Site workflow- This is third category of the SPD workflow. It can be run anywhere in site. It has only one start option

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