Thursday, February 14, 2013

Share Point Online limitations compared to Share Point 2010 on premises

Below is the list of all the limitations of Share Point Online compared to Share Point 2010 on premises.

Connections to MySites to SharePoint 2010 on-premise environment  Size Limit (500 MB)
Customizability for MySites is limited
User Profile Store cannot be connected to other data sources
Vanity URLs
User Permissions for External Users
External users require a Windows Live ID to authenticate
Limited changes possible in public facing web sites
No line-of-business (LOB) data access with intranets
The maximum size of a SharePoint tenant is 5 terabytes (TB)
A SharePoint Tennant can maximally hold 300 site collections (excl. My Sites)
Each site collection has a storage quota of 100 gigabytes (GB)
Size limit of a site collection (100 GB)
Number of site collections (300)
Maximum storage in a tenant (5 TB).
Record Center capabilities not offered
Mail Enabled Document Libraries are not supported, impacting Scanners & Scanner software
PDF documents cannot be opened in the browser
Word Automation features not available
Auditing does not capture which documents are opened and closed
FAST Search not supported
Search configuration very limited
Crawling content source every hour to refresh index
Custom IFilters not supported (PDF is the only external IFilter supported)
Indexing of multiple sources not supported
Federated Search
Search Integration with Windows 7
Business Intelligence Center, SharePoint PowerPivot, PerformancePoint Services and integration with a reporting server not supported
Access to LOB data not supported
More sophisticated workflow systems, including K2, Nintex, and Global360, are not supported
Integration with LOB data is not supported
Only Sandboxed Solutions are supported, fully trusted code is not 
Microsoft Online IDs
Single Sign On with AD credentials through ADFS
Microsoft Windows Live IDs for External Users
 ADFS servers behind the firewall: this only allows users to access SharePoint Online when on the corporate network
Implementing ADFS Federation Servers in the DMZ: this allows usage both internally and externally.

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