Thursday, September 5, 2013

New Era in Share Point 2013 workflows

In Share point 2013 workflow has changed drastically, it’s very  impacting change,We can say that its now new era for Share Point workflows. You can check more information at Technet.
SharePoint Designer 2013 now includes everything you need to build these new workflows, with some nice improvements over the previous version:

  • Visual development tools using a Visio 2013
  • New building blocks like App Step, Stage and Loop
  •  Ability to call web services  without writing any code

Workflow runs under Windows Azure Workflow. This will take the workflow processing out of share Point and creating a Workflow farm.

The SharePoint farm(s) now have less processing to do. The WAW environment will manage the workload and update SharePoint via web service connections. SharePoint has plenty of loads to manage and SharePoint 2013 introduces multiple features that are, or can be, offloaded to other environments outside of SharePoint.
One more important ability to use WAW for multi- and cross-platform workflow. This will allow developer to host all your .NET workflows, regardless of if they’re SharePoint, for Windows applications, or Web applications. There’s also the ability to reuse the same workflow for multiple platforms.

Workflow Manager capabilities
Workflow Manager brings a new class of workflow to SharePoint Server 2013. Workflows built by using Workflow Manager can take advantage of several new capabilities. These include enterprise features such as:

  • High Density and Multi-Tenancy
  • Elastic Scale
  • Activity / Workflow Artifact Management
  • Tracking and Monitoring
  • Instance Management
  • Fully Declarative Authoring
  • REST and Service Bus Messaging
  • Managed Service Reliability

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