Thursday, October 17, 2013

Few exciting fetures for Users and Developers from Share Point 2013

Share Point 2013 is launched with many features and all these features are useful to the users. These changes are definitely going to make users and developers life very easy in case of the share point usability. Some of the new features are listed below with its short description.

Easy Migration Process
Now it’s very easy to migrate from old versions of the share point to the new Share Point 2013.MS have not only brought the simplicity to migration but also increased its scope by allowing the other platforms content to migrate in share Point. Now you can migrate the content from lotus notes, document rooms, file system and MOSS 2007.

Email Classification
This is completely new feature in Share point 2013. The Site Mailbox is the new feature introduced in 2013 which allows us to classify the mail with category, we can forward these mails to share point, drag drop options from mail box to share point sites and same with mail attachments to document library folders 

Simple and standard Programming Model
Share Point 2013 introduced some more programing approaches with existing server object model and client side object model. Share Point Apps is mainly developed with HTML, CSS and JS and this Web standard. So now it’s not required to have share point developer knowledge to design and develop share point features. Its worry point for specialized SP developers..! :)
Share Point supports OData and OAuth standard protocol for communicating with share point data model

Yameer… Integration
The acquisition of Yameer to MS has made tremendous impact in social collaboration. It has now brought all the people more closely and people can not only chat but micro blog with reply, likes dislikes comments like FB. This interaction will definitely impact in accurate project delivery and revenue increase.

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