Friday, February 27, 2015

Main SharePoint Performance Issues

I always get lot of queries from client talking about SharePoint performance. I observed that people do proper planing for topology and install appropriate servers  but still they start facing poor performance of SharePoint sites. This is mainly I could say due to poor care taking of  servers. People think that once they install SharePoint with high configuration server topology then everything will be smooth and fine.. but that's not the case. SharePoint admin must need to check for database data size, server updates,antivirus update scanning etc. on servers frequently.

Following are some the identifiers that needs to be taken care for good performance on any SharePoint farm.

1.Database Sizing- Set the size of your content database to something that represents the size of the data you’re going to upload.
2.Connection between WFE and SQL Server- Use a dedicated high-speed network between WFE and SQL servers.
3.Antivirus Software- The antivirus software that is running on these server which is scanning for each uploaded file and one more scanning while moving it to SharePoint then it will be tremendous usage of memory
4. Enable File stream for document Storage- All the files which are uploaded to SharePoint can be stored on file stream instead of directly in database tables
5. Cashe Enabling- Compression not enabled. Caching not enabled or not configured. Large pages. Redundant SQL trips, underlying network issues could be the issue for slow page loading.
6. Large Lists- Large lists >2,000–3,000 items in a level. No indexing on lists. Underlying SQL Server issues. Too many columns is issue for SharePoint lists

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