Sunday, August 7, 2016

SharePoint Intranet Generic Features

This feature shows 4-5 latest news items on dashboard page news section. Details page contains list of all the historical news list in descending order. The "New" tag get displayed on the item for 24 hours from its created time for indicating that its latest news in that section

Quick Links
Quick links to internal modules or external application is one more important section to users on dashboard. The links and its title can be configured in list to update the information.

The profile is snap shot of the logged in user. The profile details page shows all the details of logged in user.

Discussion board
This feature is designed by configuring and customising the standard "Discussion" feature of SharePoint. The Dashboard page shows the latest 2-3 discussions in tiled view and details page shows all historical discussions in descending order in tabular format

This feature shows list of the employee whose birthday is today.

The company policies can be seen from HR section of intranet. HR uploads the document and all other user can download it from polices library
Contact list
Contact list shows list of all the employee with user’s name, email and contact numbers.

My Tasks
My task shows the task allocated to me and the task allocated by me. This is SharePoint standard task list which gives list of task with CRUD operations to the task item.

Opinion Poll
The opinion poll is to get the peoples feedback for specific question.

Announcement shows latest 4-5 announcement on dashboard page. The "New" tag will be shown with item for 24 hours from created date. The details page will show all the historical items in descending order.

Banner is rotating images in dashboard section. Clicking on the image user get redirected to the detail page for that business

Leader’s Speak/CEO Desk
CEO message shows latest 4-5 CEO messages on dashboard page. The detail list of all the messages will be displayed on descending order on details page.

Photo Gallery
Photo gallery is list of photo which can be seen in slider view format

Video Gallery
Video gallery is same line photo gallery. The videos will be displaced using browser video plugin on web

Organization Chart
Organization chart shows the hierarchical order of the employees as per their designation and reporting to managers

Awards and Recognition
Monthly and quarterly awards and recognition peoples name will be shown on this tile

Know your Leader
Know your leader is one meeting called by HR to introduce the newly joined senior level executive

Ask a question?
Ask question is initiative started by HR where employee can ask question on this forum.HR department answers most of it or redirects it to related department to answer

Suggestion Box
Suggestion is the one more feature of intranet portal where employee can add value to organizations growth. In intranet separate window is given for employee to add the suggestions and then it get listed on its page. HR will be informed for this information by system for necessary action

Search is an important feature of any portal. User needs to find the information in the portal in quick and easy way. The basic search gives tabular result in result page while advanced search gives the result in tabular format with refinement panel

Event Calendar
Event calendar shows the calendar view of the events

The anniversary web part will show the list of the people whose anniversary is in the current month with date, name of the person and year value. This web part will be shown in tile view on the home page.

Virtual meetings
Lync can be configured to the intranet application for virtual meetings

The event calendar can be shown on home page to list the current month events with short description

Employee Directory
Employee directory can be implemented by configuring SharePoint standard features like search result web part.

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