Friday, August 17, 2012

Creating Share Point 2013 Apps on O365 Preview Using NAPA

While exploring on share point 2013 last week, I surprised with lot new features in 2013.Its definitely making our life easy in case of collaboration, search and document management.
I tried to create one app on O365 from my trial developer account and like to share with you people to have its little idea.
Just go through the below steps and check how easy it is to develop App on O365. It provides the NAPA development tool for developing the O365 app.Before starting there are some prerequisite that has to be completed.

You need to register for O365 developer site account.
Required IE9 running on your computer

Once you done with above steps go through below given steps to create you first app.

1. Create development site collection from your O365 account.
  Go to to SP admin center
  Click on site collection
  Create new private site collection using development site template. Complete the necessary steps like allocating space url and name of site collection.

Copy the newly created site collection and put it in new browser window. The site looks like this

Click on site Gear icon and select Add an App

The next step is to go to the home page of this site,click on site content then click on NAPA app and select app for share point .Give name for app. Here its SuryakantSharepointApp1.

After crating the app now it take you to its default.aspx page. Write some code in placeholdermain control

Now click on Apps.js file and add some java script/jquery function.  

Once done with all coding part now its time to run your app and that you can do from bottom left corner action buttons.Click Run button to run your app.

After clicking on run it goes through the uninstall,install and deploy and launch stages.

And here is your first O365!

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