Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Important Points in SharePoint Project Management

SharePoint Popularity
According to Microsoft SharePoint is its most sale able product which has 100+ millions users for this technology until now.
A recent Gartner report calls SharePoint “the most widely used document- and collaboration-centered platform.” It  has won the battle for the enterprise.
SharePoint is a top-rated product that will be around for many years to come. If you’re thinking of adopting it then you are driving in right road.

SharePoint – Multiple skills
SharePoint is not one application it’s beyond that. It contains
Content Management
Search- Advanced and Fast
Social Networking- News feed, Discussions, Blog etc.
 Portals- Internal and External
 LOB Application Connectivity

Support from Other Technologies
SharePoint depends on some other technology and it includes
Windows Server OS
Active Directory
Internet Information Server (IIS)
SQL Server
Active Directory
Domain Name System (DNS)

All these software must need to work properly to work SharePoint in efficient way

Special Skill Required for SharePoint Support
No doubt that SharePoint is easy and implement with consideration of business users but still it require some SharePoint knowledge to manage and operate it. Any business user who have some web handling knowledge can work on SharePoint sites. When it comes to do some configuration settings, Implementation and creating some infrastructure then a SharePoint skilled resource is required

Planning SharePoint Projects
Before starting any SharePoint Project it make sense to do some initial home work. It should cover
Preparing the data dictionary (taxonomy)
Preparing the roles and permission matrix

Planning foe design and development approach (Categorizing the modules to developed using CSOM, SOM and OOB feature)

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