Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Microsoft withdrawaing support for O365 Public website

One of the shocking news for O365 customers that Microsoft is withdrawing support for public website on O365. This feature will be available to existing customers for next two years and after that these customers will have to go for third party tool for it.

The new customers who are going to go for O365 license purchase from Jan.2015 on wards will not get this feature for their O365 account.

Microsoft told the reason behind withdrawing the support for this feature is very lees usage of this feature and poor response from customers. Microsoft don't want to invest in this as its used by very less customers,instead MS want to invest more n some thing other which can help their customers to get benefited.

Microsoft advised to use certain third-party services that integrate directly with Office 365 for this function and not yet disclosed which third-party services it will recommend, but instead is saying details will be coming on this in January 2015.The KB note is promising that the coming, supplemental third-party public-website offerings will do more than just provide users with "a basic online presence;" they will include "more robust tools and solutions”.

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